Real Estate Legal Services & More

Specializing in real estate legal services, The Law Offices of Robert P. Reynolds, LTD has decades of collective experience in providing transactional services to buyers and sellers of residential properties as well as for national and local real estate management companies and developers in commercial real estate developments, finance acquisitions, dispositions, and leasing. Our practical approach to transactional work paired with the Firms extensive litigation experience allows us to effectively guide our clients in acquiring and managing real estate portfolios in addition to offering estate planning services.

Residential Buy/Sell

Buying or selling a home is likely the most stressful transaction of your life.

With a depth of experience in assisting buyers and sellers complete over one thousand closing transactions and resolving disputes in litigation, there are few legal services or obstacles Robert has not experienced. Robert will diligently represent your interests whether you are buying or selling your real estate.

Commercial Development

We represent clients in commercial property transactions, including: acquisitions, construction, developments, financing, leasing and sale and leasebacks. Our experience includes a broad range of real estate, including: industrial, office, multi-units, retail, shopping centers and senior housing care facilities. If you are an owner, developer, investor or lender in any commercial market sector, you can depend on the Law Offices of Robert P. Reynolds to assist with your real estate project.

Property Management & REO

We advise clients on how to effectively manage properties in full compliance with the state real estate licensing acts and related regulations. This includes keeping abreast on broker licensing requirements and guiding clients through the regulatory and licensing requirements for property management. With our deep understanding of state foreclosure laws and other rules governing the appointment and management functions of court appointed receivers, we are a valuable resource for receivers in foreclosure and eviction matters.


Disposing of REO properties is a complicated business. The client is often unfamiliar with the condition of the property, the neighborhood or the nuances of the local real estate market. This Firm understands these things and have decades of experience in guiding small to mid-size banks and professional and institutional investors through the REO closing process. We are experienced negotiators and are trained to read title and in dealing with title insurers to resolve title issues before they become a problem at closing. Not only are we experienced with the sale of one-off properties; we also represent professional and institutional investors in bulk sale transactions of REO portfolios.

Estate Planning

Working with you to help you craft an estate plan that suits your unique wishes. A typical estate plan is comprised of four main documents that all work in concert to achieve a comprehensive estate plan.

  • Trusts, which is like a financial bucket in which you put all of your assets into
  • Wills, which allows you to name a guardian for your children and funnel any missed assets into your trust
  • Financial Power of Attorney, which allows a third party that you have named to step in and make financial decisions for you if you are unable to
  • Advanced Healthcare Directive, which allows a third party that you have named to step in and make health decisions for you if you are not able

General Litigation

The Law Offices of Robert P. Reynolds LTD provides aggressive and practical representation for businesses as well as individuals. The Firm’s litigation practice comprises of all types of contract disputes as well as disputes between individuals, that include personal injury claims arising from work related injuries or automobile accidents.

While many business disputes arise from disagreements over the terms of a contract, many revolve around business practices, such as billing disputes, business fraud, business defamation, professional malpractice and breaches of fiduciary duty. We try to resolve these disputes through negotiation or alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as arbitration or mediation whenever possible. However, if litigation is the only option, we are fully prepared to advance the client’s interests through the courts.